iPhone 15 Pro: A 90-Day Journey and In-Depth Exploration

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In the fast-paced world of smartphone reviews, where impressions are often formed within a week or two, a long-term review offers a deeper dive into the intricacies of a device. After 90+ days of using the iPhone 15 Pro without a case, it’s time to share the knowledge gained during this extensive experience.

iPhone 15 Pro

The Elegance of Titanium

The decision to drop a case has allowed a closer look at the phone’s build quality. The switch to a titanium frame and side rails has proven to be more than just a cosmetic upgrade. Not only does it look sleeker than its stainless steel predecessor, but it also contributes to a lightweight feel. By choosing a lighter color, the visibility of fingerprints is further minimized, keeping the overall appearance cleaner. Despite the lack of a case, the wear and tear is manageable, with only normal signs of use.

iPhone 15 Pro

Amazing Usage Patterns

The iPhone Pro has a unique multiple focal length feature in the camera settings. However, after three months of use, the 1x focal length appears to be the ideal choice for everyday use, calling into question the need for additional options. iOS 17’s new crop button, which allows you to easily crop after recording, has proven to be more useful in practical scenarios. Additionally, the much-hyped action button, while initially intriguing, found its sweet spot as a quick camera launcher, overcoming the unconventional placement issues.

iPhone 15 Pro

A Welcome Unification, With a Touch of Lightning

The switch to USB Type-C offers the convenience of a universal charging cable. Despite being heavy users of wireless chargers, the efficiency of having one cable for multiple devices, from iPhones to Android phones, has not gone unnoticed. However, the continued presence of Lightning cables is a reminder that not all Apple peripherals have made the switch. As the ecosystem is gradually upgraded, we hope to say goodbye to Lightning cables.

iPhone 15 Pro

Evolving with iOS 17.x

Regular software updates have kept the iPhone 15 Pro up to date and bug-free. The iOS 17.2 update introduced the new Journal app, aimed at a specific user base. Notable bug fixes, including fixes for Instagram app issues and heat issues, have contributed to a smoother overall experience. The anticipation of in-space video recording for Apple Vision Pro, scheduled for January or February, adds an exciting dimension to the iPhone’s capabilities.

iPhone 15 Pro

Upgrade Sweet Spot – an Attractive iPhone 15 Pro Case

When looking at long-term use, the iPhone 15 Pro hits the upgrade sweet spot. From sophisticated cameras to the adoption of USB Type-C and the sleek titanium design, it offers a complete package. For those with older iPhones, this model stands out as a worthy upgrade. The design philosophy, similar to that of the Porsche 911, focuses on refinement rather than dramatic changes, making it a reliable and safe option for users seeking familiarity and reliability.

iPhone 15 Pro

A 30-Year-old’s Perspective

As the reviewer celebrates turning 30, the understated design of the iPhone 15 Pro is increasingly appreciated, comparable to the timeless appeal of the Porsche 911. Living with the device has the predictability, confidence-inspiring nature of it and the value of Apple’s strategy revealed. refine rather than reinvent. In a world of constant upgrades, iPhone 15 Pro emerges as a reliable companion that showcases the beauty of persistent refinement.


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