Apple Vision Pro: Dive into Spatial Computing

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Apple Vision Pro

Are you ready for the future of spatial computing? The Apple Vision Pro has arrived, marking the tech giant’s foray into the realm of augmented and virtual reality. This comprehensive unboxing experience provides a glimpse into what you’ll get when investing $3500 (or $33,900 for the 1TB version) in this groundbreaking wearable face computer. From accessories to setup, join us on this journey as we explore the beginning of the Apple Vision Pro series.

Apple Vision Pro

A Closer Look at Accessories

The unboxing reveals a carefully packaged ensemble. Key components include the Vision Pro headset, the Zeiss lenses for those with prescriptions, and the optional $200 Vision Pro travel case. The latter serves both as protection and a stylish external layer for the glass-covered headset.

Apple Vision Pro

Exploring the Vision Pro Headset

The Vision Pro headset itself, though compact, packs a punch with its aluminum housing and an array of sensors. The unboxing reveals the soft and stretchy solo knit band seen in commercials, providing a glimpse into the immersive experience Apple promises. Additionally, the Dual Loop band is introduced as an alternative for enhanced comfort.

Apple Vision Pro

What’s in the Box?

Apple has left no stone unturned when it comes to accessories. From the meticulously designed Vision Pro pamphlet to microfiber polishing cloths, users are equipped with everything needed for a seamless experience. The Zeiss lenses, offered as an optional accessory, magnetically attach to the headset, ensuring a personalized fit for users with prescriptions.

Why does Apple Vision Pro come in such a huge box? | Macworld

Aesthetic and Practical

While some may question the $200 price tag of the Vision Pro travel case, its functionality becomes apparent. Acting as a protective layer for the glass exterior, this case offers molded spaces for the headset, battery, cable, and additional accessories. Ideal for those planning to take their Vision Pro on the go, this case adds an extra layer of convenience.

Setting Up the Apple Vision Pro

The unboxing experience culminates in the startup process. From attaching the battery to choosing between the solo knit and Dual Loop bands, the setup involves a few simple steps. The video demonstrates the ease of the process, setting the stage for the upcoming detailed exploration of the Vision Pro’s features and capabilities.

Stay Tuned for the Apple Vision Pro Series

This unboxing serves as an introduction to the Apple Vision Pro, promising a series of in-depth videos. Subscribers are encouraged to stay tuned for detailed insights into the setup process, weight distribution, gaming experiences, entertainment options, and a closer look at the apps available on this cutting-edge device.

Apple's Vision Pro's box design upsets critics • The Register

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